Amazon Rainforest: A Photo Essay
by gringosam

"The Amazon? But only David Attenborough gets to go there." This was my friend's disbelieving reaction to the suggestion of a long-weekend in this infamous haven of wildlife. A rainforest which spans an entire continent, the Amazon greets visitors with an air of the vast unknown. Sure we've all seen stunning BBC HD documentaries but that sense of raw, powerful nature just doesn't transmit through any television screen. Having said that, it was slightly unnerving when my first alligator sighting wasn't limited to the familiar boundaries of a 42" Sony LCD.

Ecuador is home to 2% of the entire jungle but, with primary rainforest accessible only by river, the biodiversity is unparalleled here. GringoDisclaimer: Any gringo with a fear of insects is best advised to let the soothing tones of Mr. Attenborough guide you through what is a frightening yet beautiful natural habitat!

Photography: GringoSam