Welcome to our peaceful little sand dune sat floating in the churning tides of the internet.

¡Que Gringo! is pretty ambitious. We have set out to write down the thoughts, experiences and fragments of culture that are discovered and overlooked everyday by the thousands of fresh-from-high-school kids who are suddenly realising now what can so easily be forgotten.

The premise is this: a number of permanent Gringo contributors spread out across the globe upload snapshots of their days–thoughts, realisations, music, photographs, writing, whatever–to create what will become a kaleidoscope of opinion and perspective. As they weave this pretty little tapestry of culture, the Gringos hope to present the idea that even though there are no new continents left to reveal, our millenial generation is still exploring and discovering the parts of the world that Marco Polo left overlooked.

However, ¡Que Gringo! promises not to be pretentious, never to be One Of Those Sites. We promise never to use phrases like “global village” or “the face of humanity”. We promise not to become a recepticle for gap year photography, or poetry about how spiritual India is. Though we are linked roughly by our age, the Gringos have no political motive, adhere to no political school of thought and definitely don’t want to change your mind. All we’re here to do is draw back the curtains on a window that’s been sitting open for a while.

Remember, too, the opinions expressed by the contributors on this site are only the opinions of a bunch of twenty-somethings who are still on the lookout for what they want to do with their lives. Whether you believe this enhances or detriments their value is up to you. Keep in mind, though, that anyone can be a Gringo (and not just a gringo). Drop yourself in a foreign place, do something and tell us about it.

Welcome to ¡Que Gringo! We hope you'll stick around for a while.