Gringo on Gringo
The Gringos in a Hundred Words or Less

Though he tends to hug the equator, GringoKev is no stranger to travel. Built like a good curry he has the Indian spark, a bit of Malaysian flavouring and a little Western twist. Currently residing in Melbourne GringoKev spends his time pursuing pretty girls as well as a university arts degree, and is co-founder of this website. Like any good university student he has more or less no idea what to do with his life, but would be pretty pleased if it could somehow involve his three loves of journalism, politics and being happy.

Although his body can usually be found on either side of the Atlantic, GringoLuke’s heart belongs in the tropics. Currently living and studying in Bristol, his penchant for warm weather is satisfied by frequent visits to his parents’ home in California. GringoLuke spends most of his time being ridiculously efficient (no doubt a throwback to his Germanic heritage) and recording mellow bedroom folk tunes. A co-founder of this website, GringoLuke can also be found online here and here.

Samuel Johnson once remarked, 'By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show.' Camden native GringoJenny is determined not to let this stop her, and while she may live, breathe and love the capital of the land she calls home, she's never been afraid to stretch its borders a little so that she can see the rest of the world. Fortunately, a friendly smile and a good heart have made sure that she'll always be welcomed by the army of friends she has spread throughout it.

The best kind of people are the ones you can never quite pin down, the kind who surprise you every chance they get with a new talent you never would have guessed they had. GringoSam is one of those people, a down-to-Earth Yorkshire lad with an eye that never leaves his rapidly growing horizons and another that won't stray far from his camera lens. GringoSam currently lives, learns and photographs his life as an Ecuadorian in the city of Quito, though it's impossible to know where he might end up next. Wherever it is, I hope he brings the camera.

Despite being a sandy-toed native of Queensland, GringoMackie has dipped her bronzed feet in cultural seas far and wide. From Cambodia to Brazil and Singapore to Uganda, GringoMackie’s travel log reads like the departure schedules at JFK. Yet after almost 4 years in Melbourne, this nomad in wayfarers is on the move again. Her wanderlust will take her to New York City, the Edinburgh Festival and who knows where else. Stay tuned to the blog for the adventures (and hairstyles) of this travel-thirsty gringo.

A freckled cocktail of Dutch cool, American charm and Singaporean exotique, GringoMeg is not one you can easily put into a neatly labelled box. This is especially so when she is constantly adventuring in places as far flung as West Bengal, Jordan or Morocco – a habit that makes her pretty hard to catch.  Yet despite these hefty credentials, GringoMeg somehow avoids the pretensions and habits of a cultured travelbug. You’re just as likely to find her downing jagerbombs and dancing to Gaga than reading Paul Theroux through her horn-rimmed glasses. Although knowing GringoMeg, she’d probably combine the two.


When GringoSoos was three years-old she managed to get the stainless steel tines of a child's dinner fork embedded several millimeters into her skull. Though in the end all she came away with were a couple of stitches, the incident is kind of emblematic of her whole life, stumbling into shocking circumstances that she exits with nothing but a band-aid and a brand new story for the dinner table. GringoSoos exists in a world of fashion and arts and is the perfect companion to an evening of home-made piña coladas. Just make sure you put out the plastic cutlery.