Gringo Cherry
by gringokev

After the introduction below it's time for the awkward first blog post. It’s like the first day of university. You’ve cut your hair, purchased ‘slim’ jeans because you couldn’t fit the skinny ones and loaded your iPod with Billy Joel Broken Social Scene tunes that you will play just a little bit too loudly to impress your new liberal arts friends. Except in this case you’re diving into the murky interwebs - a considerably deeper pool than the Tarantino-loving, Donnie-Darko-watching, horn-rimmed-glasses-wearing ‘Introduction to Cinema Studies’ crowd.

You foolishly think that the scathing and impatient e-hordes stumbling upon a lolcat’s facebook while taking an awkward family photo will pay any attention to your all too familiar, colourful blog site. A situation that becomes significantly more awkward when you realise that there is more than a slight chance that absolutely no one will read this post. No One. Fine - no one bar your mother, your fellow blog partner/ best friend, and perhaps, just perhaps, a German tourist in Mexico wondering what this strange word the locals are hurling at him from the street corner really means.*

Why write then? I know this is what you - the non-existent reader - must be thinking. Why? In truth, I have no idea why or even how this blog came to fruition. I was sitting at my computer two weeks ago discussing this idea with GringoLuke on Gmail chat. Fast forward and here we are with a brand spankin’ new blog, Spanish exclamation marks and no readers.

Does this scare a gringo such as I? I hear you bellowing from the empty caverns of our readers’ den. Well, it does a little. But, when the apple fell on Newton’s head? Was he scared? I’m sure he was too. Imagine being hit on the head with an apple and formulating gravitational theory in the same day. In 2010, he’d probably post on fmylife.com, drop a short tweet about ‘gravity ‘n’ shit’ and like you, miss out on this blog.

So I urge you, invisible reader to take off your cloak. We don’t expect much. We don’t expect you to log off your hotmail, stop playing Farmville or delete your Flickr account. We realise that you already have your four favourite websites and that’s fine. Just bookmark us and stop by from time to time. Think of yourselves as the family-friendly, cake-baking neighbours and us as the uni students next door who sometimes babysit your kids. We’re nice like that.

*This is a misleading statement. I googled ‘Gringo’ and we show up nowhere in the first 20 pages. In fact, we do not even show up when I google ‘Que Gringo’. Or ‘Que Gringo Blog’. Or ‘Que Gringo Blogspot’. Or even ‘quegringo DOT blogspot DOT com’.
Oy vey.

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